Here at Taylor Brook Dental Associates, we are proud to offer mini-dental implants (MDIs) to our patients.

Mini Implants are great for securing your removable denture, removable partial, OR for non removable “fixed” crowns!

If you have an upper denture that annoys your palate than you can get that part removed and use the taste buds on your roof of your mouth again!

They’re a good budget friendly version of a conventional implant at about half the cost. They’re great for replacing all missing teeth or if you’re just missing one tooth. Patients are amazed at how painless and quick the process is!

No surgery or sutures involved. Just need to review your free complimentary CBCT scan to see if you’re a candidate!

If you have any questions about MDIs or want to see if this type of implant might be a viable option for you, please contact us today at (207) 784-1577.


  • Retained in bone is not removable
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Very strong and durable
  • Treatment time is usually long
  • Does not involve your own teeth
  • Requires two separate steps, surgical placement of the implant followed by fabrication of a cement-able or screw retained crown approximately six months later
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