Clear Aligners

Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® aligners prove that effective orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. These clear aligners have helped millions straighten their teeth and achieve better-looking smiles, and they can help you too.

ClearCorrect® Aligners

ClearCorrect® clear aligners are a modern alternative to traditional braces that invisibly straighten your teeth over time using medical-grade plastic. Unlike conventional braces, ClearCorrect® aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning, making the orthodontic process more comfortable for patients because there are no wires, brackets, or elastics to worry about. You can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about damaging your braces or getting food stuck in them.

Using continuous pressure over a series of trays, ClearCorrect® aligners help you achieve results faster and less discomfort than traditional braces. There are no brackets and wires so you won’t experience sore spots on your cheeks, lips, and tongue.

To start with ClearCorrect®, you must schedule an initial visit and consultation with our doctors. During this visit, our doctors will take photos, x-rays, and 3D digital scans of your teeth to determine if ClearCorrect® aligners will work for you. If ClearCorrect® aligners fit you well, you will receive a series of trays and specific wear instructions. Typically, each tray is worn for two to three weeks.

It’s important to note that ClearCorrect® aligners require a solid commitment to consistent wear and are best suited for older, responsible teens and adults. Diligently wearing your clear aligners for the specified time will help ensure the results you want within a reasonable timeframe.

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World-Class Results with Invisalign®

Are you suffering from crooked teeth, significant gaps in your smile, or a misaligned bite? If you are, Invisalign® braces in Auburn, ME, offer a discreet, transparent alternative to achieve perfectly straight teeth. Unlike traditional wire braces, Invisalign® braces use a series of custom invisible aligners to correct severe gaps and misalignments in just a fraction of the time. Plus, they are barely noticeable! The best part is that Invisalign® braces are fully removable. You can eat the foods you want and maintain regular brushing and flossing without the added hassle of cleaning around braces.

Invisalign® aligners are custom-made using models of your current teeth and the result you hope to achieve. With Invisalign® aligners, you will switch to new aligners about every two weeks, with each set shifting the teeth slightly—this continues until you have achieved your final results, which usually takes around two years.

To find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign®, please call us or visit Taylor Brook Dental Associates today in Auburn, ME.

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  • ClearCorrect® vs Invisalign®—what's different?

    ClearCorrect® and Invisalign® are two popular options for straightening teeth. However, there are four critical differences between the two:

    1. While ClearCorrect® can be a less expensive option, the lowest cost plan is for a six-month treatment only. Depending on the extent of the need, the cost of the two options can be comparable.
    2. The materials used in ClearCorrect® and Invisalign® are different. ClearCorrect® is thinner and less visible but can break more easily.
    3. Since the two options are made from different materials, the level of comfort in the mouth can vary from person to person.
    4. ClearCorrect® has been available in dentistry for about ten years longer than Invisalign. Whether this is an advantage or not is up to you, but it is a difference between the two products.

  • How long is the treatment period for ClearCorrect®?

    ClearCorrect® treatment time can vary based on the severity of the dental issue being corrected and your dentist’s advice. Usually, treatment falls into three categories:

    A six-month timeframe if minimal treatment is required, i.e., correctly minor alignment issues.

    A 12-month treatment if the treatment is a little more extensive and will require more time to correct.

    An unlimited timeframe where the patient is provided as many aligners and needed to fully correct the issue.

  • How does the Invisalign® process work?

    The Invisalign® process starts with taking photographs of your teeth and face, dental impressions of your teeth, and X-rays. These records are then sent to Invisalign® along with detailed instructions on how you want your teeth to look after the treatment is complete.

    Invisalign® will scan the impressions to create a 3D model of your teeth and work with your dentist to ensure the mold is perfect. This step is completed before the treatment begins to give you a clear idea of how your teeth will look after the treatment is complete.

    Once the molds are ready, the aligners are made and sent to your dentist’s office. Each set of aligners in the series needs to be worn continuously for about two weeks and should only be removed when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. It would help to visit your dentist every four to six weeks to ensure the treatment progresses as planned.

    The treatment is complete once you have worn all the sets of aligners in the series, which usually takes six months to one year, depending on the complexity of your case. After the treatment is complete, it is recommended that you wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back to their original positions. The length you need to wear the retainer may vary, similar to braces.

  • What are the advantages of ClearCorrect®?

    Most people are excellent candidates for ClearCorrect® aligners. However, ClearCorrect® may not be a suitable choice for extensive orthodontic cases involving significant movement. Some may also choose fixed braces because there are no trays to lose.

    ClearCorrect® is a great option for:
    – Invisibly straightening your teeth
    – Allow you to eat foods that are “off-limits” with traditional braces
    – Making cleaning and brushing your teeth easy

  • Who can use Invisalign®?

    Invisalign® can be used by most teenagers and adult patients who require mild to moderate orthodontic corrections. This includes individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth, noticeable spacing problems, and minor bite issues. However, it’s important to note that Invisalign® may not be suitable for all orthodontic issues. More extensive problems may require additional treatment.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about clear aligners, please contact our office, and we will be happy to discuss further.

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